Activity 2.3: Reflective practice

Examine the diagram depicting a person-centred approach to care.

  • Consider how the model might apply to a care environment you have recently worked in.
  • What qualities have you noticed in the staff which facilitate PCC?
  • Does the care environment have a philosophy of care standard promoting PCC?
  • What barriers do you think exist within the care environment impeding PCC from taking place?

The answer to this question is likely to be personal to you and the experiences you have had in practice. It is important to continually reflect upon issues that emerge from your work and experiences in nursing, and the attitudes you observe among your colleagues. There are toolkits available to help healthcare environments to concentrate their focus upon PCC issues, and develop their collective knowledge, skills and attitudes. For instance, The Health Foundation, working in conjunction with The King’s Fund, has devised a Service Improvement Programme entitled ‘Patient and Family-Centred Care’. It aims to empower clinicians, managers and others to embed PCC into practice (King’s Fund 2014). This package included the publication of an online toolkit aimed at helping staff at all levels to deliver service improvement using PCC, complete with measurable outcomes (Fitzsimons 2014).