Activity 36.4

We have not provided an ‘answer’ for this activity as it is very much focused on your reading of this chapter, your own experiences, and your additional reading which we hope will have given you a greater insight into the theoretical perspectives and leadership/management practice.

Scenario answers

  1. The leadership model employed was person-centred, with the patient and family involved from the outset. There patient and family had every step of planning explained to them in a consistent message; this was repeated by the consultant to ensure complete understanding.

  2. You would have considered this from the patient perspective and meeting expectations to the patient and family have confidence in the MDT. As a leader and manager it is essential to set a realistic team goal (meeting the date of discharge); communicating this goal to every member of the team so the team are united and motivated to achieve the goal. The multiple actions required means the leader must keep the team focused by using the board round to review progress.

  3. The principle leadership approach demonstrated was person centred with clear compassionate leadership evident. The scenario highlighted excellent communication between each MDT member, the patient and the family. It was essential that the family members felt that their fears and concerns were heard. There was clear ‘resonant’ leadership, promoting team motivation to meet the planned date of discharge and clearly articulated goals.