Activity 38.3: Critical thinking

  1. Practice hour log, CPD log detailing the 35 hours of activities undertaken, feedback log to record the five pieces required, five written reflective accounts, and reflective discussion and confirmation forms. Templates are available for all required documents on the NMC revalidation microsite:

  2. It is your responsibility to check if documentation provided by your employer meets the requirements for NMC revalidation.

There are current examples of electronic portfolios which may prove useful for you to explore and utilise. It may be possible to add the required NMC revalidation documents – you may find this beneficial in order to maintain a single source. You will need to check on the accessibility of electronic portfolios, which may be dependent on which area of the UK you work. For example, in Northern Ireland the NIPEC online portfolio is available only to those who work there ( and NHS Education for Scotland has the same stipulation in terms of working in Scotland (