Activity 6.1: Critical thinking reflection points

What are the areas of evidence that make up the ‘EBP triad’?

Areas of evidence that make up the EBP triad are:

  1. Individual clinical expertise
  2. Best external evidence
  3. Patient values ad expectations

Thinking about your experience in practice, identify examples where we have research evidence that a treatment option works but where patients would prefer nurses to use alternative treatments?

This will be dependent on the student’s own experience, but possible answers may relate to pain management, e.g. use of drugs versus use of deep breathing, massage or other alternative therapies.

Can you think of some barriers to implementing EBP in clinical practice? What might make it difficult for you and your colleagues to find and use the best current evidence in your care?

Potential barriers are likely to be time or access to resources such as a computer or library. Additionally gaining compliance with other staff to implement evidence-based practice instead of historical practice can be difficult.