Activity 7.2: Reflective practice

Imagine if Bill’s children were involved in a health promotion activity at school and were made aware of the impact of inactivity and health…how do you think they might feel?

  • that their dad spends a lot of time watching TV and does not engage in physical activity as much as they would like him to
  • that their dad becomes breathless on the slightest of exertion
  • that the burger they thought was a treat, really isn’t a healthy snack
  • that they want to be more active and eat more healthily with their dad

Having reflected on Bill’s scenario, can you think of ways that might encourage him to participate more in physical activity?

  • perhaps set time aside each day/week to participate in gentle exercise with the boys (visit the park, play football, walk…)
  • perhaps get off the bus one stop earlier and walk to the football game/ home
  • perhaps become actively involved in clubs that would involve physical activity