Case study 19.1

How would you describe Mike’s health?

Mike is living with 2 long-term conditions; and he has some issues with his health as a result of this. However, it appears that he has found ways to manage these both effectively and is accessing the appropriate support. Mike could be considered as having a diagnosable physical and mental health problem, but has positive mental wellbeing.

What factors did you take into account when doing this?

You might have considered Mikes subjective experience – how does he feel? What are his thoughts on his health, both mental and physical? Does he feel in control? How does he act? Is he influencing his health? Does he have knowledge of how to do this?

What else might you want to know to help you in assessing his health?

You might have considered some clinical tests and measurements, for example, blood glucose levels, blood test results (HbA1c), vital signs, weight, BMI, eye health. You could also find what medication Mike is on, what are the side effects, contra-indication, risks and what health monitoring/screening is recommended.