Case study 27.2

Reflect and write down how you would ensure that Narianne had an effective patient-centred discharge from hospital, specific to her condition.

Consider the following:

  • Would Narianne need a discharge letter and who would it be sent to?

Yes to her GP, MS specialist nurse at the hospital.

  • Would she require an outpatient appointment and why?

Yes, monitor side effects, monitor the drug regime, and monitor how patient is feeling and whether the new infusion was successful in managing her symptoms.

  • Does she require any further input from community services?

Probably not unless she needed any assistance with care due to fatigue.

  • Does Narianne need to have details of who to contact if she wishes to discuss the side effects to the drugs?

Yes, she should be given the ward telephone number.

  • Any other issues you think may come to light at discharge or following discharge?

Prior to her discharge all problems should be have highlighted and dealt with anything else the patient would need to contact the ward or her GP.