Case Study 33.1

1. Quality-of-life issues

a. Lives in a family where there is an emphasis on beauty (mother and sister). Can be a constant reminder of his of his condition and cause low body esteem.

b. Potential friction between him and his family

i. Sister due to the mess of his treatments. Lack of empathy and support.

ii. Father as cannot emulate his army career

c. Effect on his hobbies such as restriction with sports.

d. Developing close or intimate relationships with the opposite sex has a psychological effect on sexuality.

2. Advice

a. Ensure he complies with treatment to limit effects of psoriasis

b. Mother can assist with hair styles to improve body image

c. Review lifestyle and eliminate or reduce stressors

d. Access charities and patient focused websites as they contain valuable information of living with psoriasis and developing relationships

e. Keep in touch with his group of friends to maintain socialisation

f. Seek advice about careers as it is possible to follow his aspirations but his expectation must be realistic

g. Access counselling should he feel his coping strategies are not working