Chapter 27: Care of the Adult with a Neurological Condition

1. What is the central nervous system?

  1. processing centre for the spinal cord
  2. processing centre for the brain stem
  3. processing centre for the nervous system

Answer: C

2. Where does the CNS send information from?

  1. the peripheral nervous system
  2. the brain stem
  3. the spinal cord

Answer: A

3. How many main compartments are there to the brain?

  1. one
  2. three
  3. five

Answer: B

4. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating what?

  1. the muscles
  2. the spinal cord and central nervous system
  3. blood flow, heartbeat, digestion and breathing

Answer: C

5. What do the meninges contain?

  1. cerebrospinal fluid
  2. blood
  3. oxygen

Answer: A

6. What is the function of cerebrospinal fluid?

  1. protection
  2. buoyancy
  3. endocrine medium for the brain
  4. all of these

Answer: D

7. Which of the following is NOT a structure of the brain?

  1. cerebrum
  2. diencephalon
  3. cerebellum
  4. neuron

Answer: D

8. What is the Circle of Willis?

  1. a circle of neurons in the brain
  2. a series of veins in the brain
  3. a series of arteries in the brain

Answer: C

9. How many neurons are there in the brain?

  1. 100 billion
  2. 100 million
  3. 100 thousand

Answer: A

10. What is a neurotransmitter?

  1. a chemical that is released from the brain stem
  2. a chemical which is made in the cerebrospinal fluid
  3. a chemical which is released from a nerve cell

Answer: C