Chapter 33: Care of the Adult with a Dermatological Condition

1. The epidermis has 4 main stratum layers. Starting from the inner most layer these are ______.

  1. corneum, granulosum, spinosum, basale
  2. granulosum, basale, spinosum, corneum
  3. basale, spinosum, granulosum, corneum
  4. spinosum, basale, corneum, granulosum

Answer: C

2. The structure that produces the oily substance which maintains the health of the skin is called ______.

  1. sweat gland
  2. subcutaneous tissue
  3. Pacinian corpuscle
  4. sebaceous gland

Answer: D

3. Dermatitis is caused by ______.

  1. poor hygiene
  2. the aging process of the skin
  3. exogenous and endogenous factors
  4. hyper proliferation of skin cells

Answer: C

4. Topical treatments are the main intervention for skin conditions. One aspect that often effects patients the most is ______.

  1. the availability of the treatments
  2. the time needed each day to apply correctly
  3. the cost of the treatments
  4. understanding the actions of the treatments

Answer: B

5. When planning care, a priority issue is ______.

  1. quality of life
  2. availability of resources
  3. the patient’s ability to read instructions
  4. keeping out of sunlight

Answer: A