What’s the evidence 20.1

Can a person live well with dementia? This may seem a strange statement to make about an illness that is life limiting, yet this way of perceiving life with dementia has been driven by people who are experiencing dementia. Now what do you think about using the term ‘suffering’ from dementia? Is this common language used about a person living with dementia?

What is the evidence about the concept of ‘living well with dementia’ and how it sits alongside the idea that the person is ‘suffering’?

The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project has produced a guide to language used about dementia at: http://dementiavoices.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/DEEP-Guide-Language.pdf

The guide suggests:

‘The language we use to talk about dementia influences how people with dementia are viewed and also how they feel about themselves. People with dementia prefer words and descriptions that are accurate, balanced and respectful.’

Now read the following article and compare the way these two documents use of the word ‘suffering’ in relation to dementia: https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/2D634B9FA92CAF739B39E6BBFF9345FA/S104161021600199Xa.pdf/suffering_with_dementia_the_other_side_of_living_well.pdf