26 Having eczema

‘Hi, I’m Taaibah, I’m 9 years old and I have eczema, here is something I wrote about it’

Bad things

There are many bad things about eczema:

  1. One bad thing is that sometimes it is hard to go to sleep because I get very itchy.
  2. Also sometimes when I have a bath my body stings ALOT.
  3. Often I can’t wear certain clothes because it either makes me be itchy or hot, for example silk dresses in summer because it is very tacky and can get caught to dry skin.
  4. Another reason why I do not like having eczema is because I am restricted with food especially at people’s houses because they feel scared to take the risk of giving it to me.
  5. And on nights that I am very itchy I am restricted with going out or going to sleepovers.

Good things

Although eczema can be quite annoying there are some good sides to it for example:

  1. When I have appointments I get to miss school.
  2. I get more presents and larger portions of food because everyone else can have the other options even though I tend to eat less.
  3. I get special treatment as people sympathise with my position.
  4. I get to decide where I want to go in the holidays.
  5. Overall eczema isn’t half bad if you follow your nurses’ advice and take your medicines and follow an appropriate diet.