30 Paediatric community physiotherapist

The role of the paediatric community physiotherapist when a child is discharged from the acute setting involves communication, planning, treatment and education.

It is essential that all of the previous physiotherapy input in the acute setting is shared with the community physiotherapist and all relevant history with regards medical, social and psychological issues.

The community physiotherapist will take this forward, contact the family and arrange appropriate contact whether that is the family attending a child development centre or a home visit being organised and agreed upon.

A full assessment of the child and their needs will be carried out and a treatment plan will be created in full consultation with the family and their needs and priorities.

Treatment may involve equipment to help support the child’s 24-hour postural management. Education of the family on handling, positioning and activities to promote their child’s development and maximise their physical potential will be given.  Liaison with other professionals in the multidisciplinary team will also take place to ensure that the child and family are being fully supported.

Input from the physiotherapist will be based on each child’s individual needs and may alter as the child and family’s needs alter.

Team Leader Physiotherapy

Consider the role of the paediatric physiotherapists in the discharge of the child and family from hospital. Reflect on the need for good communication, working in partnership, safeguarding, assessment, education and documentation.