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Chapter 5: Ethics

Page 77 – What’s the evidence

Respect in mental health

Chapter 7: Accountability and professionalism

Chapter 11: Introduction to nursing theory

Page 169 – What’s the evidence

Chapter 15: Core communication skills

Chapter 18: Record-keeping and documentation

Page 278 - What's the evidence

Chapter 28: Emergency care

Chapter 30: Assisting patients with their nutritional needs

Chapter 32: Assisting patients with their hygiene needs

Chapter 33: Last offices

Page 635 - What's the evidence

Chapter 38: Introduction to public health

Chapter 40: Introduction to the global context of nursing

Page 750 - What's the evidence

There is no template answer for the first and third points.

You can reduce the risks of an international placement by:

  • Starting your planning early, so you have plenty of time to make arrangements
  • Discussing your plans with your tutor
  • Fully investigating the area you wish to visit and doing the same for the specific placement area
  • Talking to people who know the area, live there or have visited it
  • Finding out the local customs, especially relating to behaviour and clothing
  • Carrying out a thorough risk assessment to identify any potential risks
  • Ensuring you remove any unnecessary risks, especially those relating to health and safety
  • Arranging appropriate health and travel insurance before you leave the UK
  • Ensuring that there is a professionally qualified individual in your international placement area who is prepared to supervise you at all times and getting this agreement in writing
  • Arranging your return travel plans and accommodation before you arrive in the area
  • Arranging an emergency contact number so you can always talk to someone if you are concerned
  • Taking money with you only to use in an emergency
  • Keeping your passport and money safe at all times
  • Not taking expensive items you do not want to lose with you
  • Trusting your instincts, if you are concerned about your health or safety take the appropriate actions
  • Arranging to make regular contact with someone in the UK at pre-arranged times throughout the whole of your visit
  • Discussing all of your plans with someone you trust and carefully considering their views