Quantitative Social Science Data with R: An Introduction

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Introduction videos from author Brian Fogarty offer you the chance to get to grips with key themes and ideas within quantitative social science.

Case Studies which are multidisciplinary and provided by the SAGE Research Methods platform: they give you the chance to broaden your knowledge of the subject area

Datasets large and small give you the opportunity to put theory into practice with hands-on experience of using R software on real data

R screencast tutorials show you first-hand how to use the software and enable you to increase your confidence at your own pace

R exercises help you test your understanding of topcis and identify areas where you might need extra support

Glossary flashcards help you strengthen your understanding of key terms and concepts

YouTube videos are a carefully curated collection that provide a host of additional sources for you to develop your ability to use R software

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PowerPoint slides featuring figures, tables and key topics from the book can be downloaded and customized for use in your own presentations.

R exercises related to the topic of each chapter can be downloaded and used in class or as set questions to test students’ understanding

Datasets give students the chance to practice skills they need to master when dealing with quantitative social science data

Case studies from the SAGE Research Methods platform equip you with additional examples for illustrating how quantitative skills are used in real research

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