Chapter 2: Introduction to R and R Studio

Links to a carefully curated collection of Youtube videos provide a host of additional sourcs for you to develop your ability to use R software in an engaging and accessible manner.

Video 2.1: ‘Introduction to R programming: how to download, install and setup R & RStudio’

Question 1: Should you install R or RStudio first?

Answer: You should install R first as RStudio is an integrated development environment to make R easier to use. Essentially, RStudio is a more user-friendly GUI than R’s GUI.

Question 2: When downloading R, which CRAN Mirror should you use?

Answer: You should use the CRAN Mirror that is physically closest to you.


Video 2.2: ‘Getting started with R and RStudio’

Question: Why would you use the R Script window in RStudio to write code and commands instead of the Console window?

Answer: Because using R scripts allows you to save all the code and commands that you have written, while the code and commands in the Console window are not saved (although they are saved in the History tab).


Video 2.3: ‘R tutorial: The true basics of R’

Question: Why is R so popular?

Answer: It’s free, open source, excellent built-in data visualizations, thousands of extensions to the base program through packages, (now) has vast user community to provide help, and a real programming language.


Video 2.4: ‘How to install packages in R’

Question: What must you do in order to use the functions from a particular package in R?

Answer: You must activate/load the package using library() and it must be done for each session in R.