Video Resources

Strengthen your knowledge of key topics with these carefully selected videos. Click on the link to watch the videos.

Creating Questions for Qualitative Research

This video outlines key issues around creating research questions for qualitative research. As you will see, the different approaches to data collection (see Chapters 6–8) and data analysis (see Chapters 9–14) tend to lend themselves to different types of research questions and understanding this can help you to understand the differences between these approaches.  Also, you can think about the quality of your research questions, and the fit between them and your methods of data collection and analysis, as a key issue in quality (see Chapter 4).


Different types of data and their uses

In this video, different types of data and their uses are explored. You can consider this in relation to the material in Chapters 6–8 in particular but it also might give ideas for types of data to be used in projects that use the different methods of analysis described in Chapters 9–14.


Different forms of discourse analysis

In this video Sally Wiggins and Sarah Riley, authors of Chapter 12, explore and illustrate two different forms of discourse analysis.