International Human Resource Management

Welcome to the companion website for International Human Resource Management, 4th edition, edited by Anne-Wil Harzing and Ashly H. Pinnington.

This website offers extensive additional learning and teaching resources, including:

For Lecturers

  • Instructors’ Manual: including indicative answers to the questions within each chapter.
  • PowerPoint Slides: including key points and tables and figures from each chapter.

For Students

  • Annotated Web Links: including links to resources on IHRM and HRM in different countries and on key themes such as globalization, migration and international labour relations.
  • SAGE Online Journals: free access to full text SAGE Online journal articles.


Praise for the third edition:

'The features which make the book uniquely helpful to readers are,  an overview of learning objectives, chapter outline, further reading, internet resources, case studies, self-assessment questions and companion website…. It goes to the credit of Harzing and Pinnington that the text at no place appears disjointed, although the book has contributions from a large number of authors. The book has a solid research base. It is very comprehensive with a broad and global coverage and provides a detailed overview of main ways that IHRM has been conceptualised and evolved over the years. It has maintained academic rigour and critical focus that have helped the authors to establish its reputation as the one of the most authoritative texts in international human resources management. This book has been very well received by teachers and students the world over.' - The Tribune

Anne-Wil Harzing and Ashly Pinnington’s bestselling textbook has guided thousands of students through their International Human Resource Management studies. Its rigour, breadth and critical edge remain unparalleled in the field.

The fourth edition brings together leading academics to explore all of the key areas of the curriculum as well as the most important contemporary and emerging issues and debates.

The new edition offers an even more stimulating and focused journey through the field with:

  • New chapters on Managing Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management in line with developments
  • New stop and reflect boxes and end of chapter discussion questions to test your understanding
  • Additional international case studies including examples from emerging markets



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