Section A: Mathematical Understanding

Derek discusses aims of the book and introduces Chapter 1 which focuses on the need for teachers to overcome anxieties about using mathematics in schools. He explains that mathematics anxiety can reinforce a reliance upon a rote learning mind set which in turn leads to an increase in mathematics anxiety. Haylock argues that simply memorizing rules and patterns can reassert a lack of ability to truly understand mathematics.

The next stage of the video looks at Chapter 2 of the book and its contents. Haylock starts by referring to the National Curriculum in England and how mathematics is essential to everyday life, providing the foundation for reasoning skills and curiosity.  He then explores its headings including, ‘Why teach mathematics in primary schools?’ After this he explores Chapter 3: Learning how to Learn Mathematics. This includes introducing the student to the connections model looking at pictures, the language of mathematics (formal/ informal), symbols and practical / real-life experiences. Haylock shares his belief that learning how to learn mathematics is probably the most important thing for children to learn in primary schools.