Editing for the Digital Age

This site is intended to enhance your use of Editing for the Digital Age by Thom Lieb. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing your understanding of the material. 

Whether working in a traditional newsroom or as a one-person blogging operation, every good writer needs to become his or her own best editor, too. Editing for the Digital Age provides editors and writers with the tools to ensure that published material is accurate, readable, and complete. This book provides guidance in copy editing fundamentals, from correcting grammar to making sure that writing conforms to a style guide to revising material so it is tightly written and clear. This text is designed for today’s digital publishing landscape and built around the many issues that editors now face on a daily basis, from checking for legal issues such as liability, copyright, and libel; writing headlines that will attract readers; creating multimedia packages to support an article or post; and using various forms of social media to curate content end connect with audience members. Chapters address key areas and themes for editing in the digital age, while "Write Right" writing and grammar exercises are woven into every chapter to progressively build students’ editing skills.

This is a core text for News Editing courses in Journalism departments. It may also be used as a core or supplementary text in Online Journalism or News Writing and Reporting courses.


We gratefully acknowledge Thom Lieb for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.