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'Dave McGuire has done an outstanding job at clearly linking the old and new in HRD. Combining traditional themes such as adult learning, T&D, and learning organisation, with emerging topics such as creativity, identity, leadership development and (inter)national HRD, he moves our definition of the field forward considerably.’
Rob F. Poell, Professor of Human Resource Development, Tilburg University, Netherlands

'David McGuire’s book provides a comprehensive overview of traditional human resource development issues while including emerging topics in the discipline as well. Students, instructors and practitioners will benefit from the book’s excellent blending of theory with application. Those new to HRD, as well as experienced professionals, will find this text very readable and highly informative.'
Kimberly S. McDonald, Professor, Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Editor-in-Chief, Advances in Developing Human Resources
- Looks at HRD on an individual, organisational and societal level analysing how HRD can play a major role in organisational innovation, in developing communities and society and in operating on a cross-national and international basis.

- Links key training design and learning theories to broader economic and societal issues for a more holistic and in-depth understanding of the field.

- Seven brand new chapters ensure a good fit with HRD programmes at all levels and reflect the latest developments in the field, including career development, strategic HRD, knowledge management, the environment, ethics and CSR and the future of HRD.

- High profile case studies in each chapter bring the theory to life including Apple, Massive Open Online Courses, Barclays, Stephen Lawrence, Lloyds Pharmacy, Marriott Hotels, Netflix, Black and Decker, Google, Colgate-Palmolive, Marks and Spencer and Valve.

- Case vignettes throughout the chapters highlight HRD in action and provoke critical analysis and discussion, includingHow a Beer Can Aided the Design of Canon’s Revolutionary Mini-Copier and The Alaskan Village Set to Disappear Under Water in a Decade.

- An Appendix contains advice on preparing for an HRD examination as well as example exam questions and sample answers, to ensure examination success.

- Chapters map to the CIPD’s requirements at levels 5 and 7 making it an ideal core text for accredited and non-accredited programmes alike.

 David McGuire is senior lecturer in human resource development at Edinburgh Napier University.


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