10. Making Sense of Data Analysis

Reflective Exercise

Think about some of the ways data is presented in the research papers you have read or are reading.

  • How have quantitative data been presented?
  • Which of these do you find easier to understand?
  • How could the data be presented in a different format?
  • How are qualitative data presented?
  • Why do you think researchers using verbatim quotes?
  • How could researchers present this data differently?

You might have identified the use of tables, charts, bar graphs or other ways of presenting data. Often visual representations can be easier to understand, but it can be helpful to have written explanation as well.

You will probably have read papers presenting the findings of focus groups or interviews under themes or key issues The researcher may present verbatim quotes to support the themes presented, so that the reader can appreciate how the data from the participants has been analysed to identify the key issues.


The following websites have additional learning resources you can use: