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Welcome to the companion website for Doing Research in Education, first edition, by Ioanna Palaiologou,  David Needham, and Trevor Male. The resources on the site have been specifically designed to support your study. 

  • SAGE Journal Articles to help  reinforce your learning of key topics. 
  • Weblinks direct you to relevant resources to broaden your understanding.
  • Flashcards to test your knowledge.
  • Annotated Questions and Projects to act as guides for your own research.
  • Exercises to test how you apply your knowledge in practice.
  • Top tips and templates to optimize your learning.

About the book:

This book will help you to plan, design and conduct quality research within the specific context of education and educational studies.

An impressive cast of contributors discuss the reality of conducting research in different educational settings and provide practical advice for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and early career researchers doing research in education. 

The book discusses key philosophical issues such as understanding research paradigms, ethics and selecting appropriate methodologies but remains grounded in the practical experience of the researcher. It has comprehensive coverage of the whole research process from start to finish, is easy to navigate and helps develop key skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Creating good research questions and hypotheses
  • Constructing the literature review
  • Structuring a project
  • Writing a proposal
  • Managing data
  • Analysing data
  • Writing for specific audiences

Packed full of learning features and showcasing a wide range of voices and opinions this book is an ideal guide for anyone conducting research in education or educational studies.


We gratefully acknowledge Ioanna Palaiologou, David Needham, and Trevor Male for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.


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