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A Practical Guide to Making Sense & Being Heard

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About the book:

Academics are not just researchers, but writers too. Using her many years of practical experience gained as a teacher and editor, Lynn Nygaard guides you through the whole process of writing and presenting your research in order to help you make your voice heard within the academic community.  Grounded in real world advice rather than abstract best practice, Nygaard demonstrates a number of approaches to writing in order to help you identify those most suited to your own project.

This updated new edition includes:

  • Revised and expanded sections in each chapter 
  • More focus on the social sciences
  • A more international focus
  • Updated discussions on publishing practices
  • Annotated biographies for each chapter
  • New illustrations and images
  • Additional practical tips and exercises 

From defining your audience, to forming your argument and structuring your work, this book will enable you to communicate your research passionately and professionally.

Lynn Nygaard is Special Adviser on Project Development and Publications at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).


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