Meet Lynn Nygaard – this short video introduces the author of Writing for Scholars showcasing her expertise and research interests.


An Introduction to Writing for Scholars – Lynn Nygaard introduces the new edition of Writing for Scholars; she explains the questions and experiences that inspired the book and describes the audience for the second edition.

3 Common Errors in Academic Writing – Lynn Nygaard gives advice on how to avoid three of the most common errors in academic writing – helping you to side-step them!

How to Find Your Voice as a Writer – this video gives practical tips and advice on how to find an appropriate writing style as an academic; having a clear, distinct voice is crucial in academia. Lynn Nygaard can help you to find yours.

How to Get Started and Keep Goingacademic writing can be intimidating, it can be tempting to delay writing and to prolong your research. Starting to write early and continuing to write throughout the project puts you in a strong position to succeed. In this video Lynn Nygaard will set out some techniques for getting started and suggest some ways you can sustain your momentum.

Using Feedback in Academic Writing – feedback is crucial to all students, researchers and academics; in this video Lynn Nygaard provides advice on how to maximise the feedback available to you at each stage of your writing. She covers external peer review as well as less formal feedback from colleagues and tutors.

What is Quality Writing – we all recognise good academic writing when we see it but what makes it good? In this video Lynn Nygaard sets out a criteria for assessing the quality of academic writing and how best to apply it to your own work. 

Writing for Your Audience – adapting your writing to meet the needs of the reader is one of the most challenging aspects of academic writing, in this video Lynn Nygaard give advice on how to target your writing and how to find the right journal for your article.