Plano Clark: Mixed Methods Research

This practical book introduces a unique socio-ecological framework for understanding the field of mixed methods research and its different perspectives. Based on the framework, it addresses basic questions including: What is the mixed methods research process? How is mixed methods research defined? Why is it used? What designs are available? How does mixed methods research intersect with other research approaches? What is mixed methods research quality? How is mixed methods shaped by personal, interpersonal, and social contexts? By focusing on the topics, perspectives, and debates occurring in the field of mixed methods research, the book helps students, scholars, and researchers identify, understand, and participate in these conversations to inform their own research practice.


Below find downloadable templates from the book, as well as journal articles selected for each chapter:

 Blank Template of Figure 1.5

 Blank Template of Figure 1.6

 SAGE Journal Articles


We gratefully acknowledge Vicki Plano Clark and Natalilya Ivankova for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.