The pedagogical model of the book – ‘specific vagueness’ (see Reading Guide for further details)  –  mandates that it's not especially possible or worthwhile to feature a further set of exercises for you to work your way through once you've completed the book itself. Rather than give you a tightly-bounded set of activities that wouldn't really enhance your Programming-as-Social-Science capabilities any further, it's more useful instead to dive into some projects and start figuring out how to apply your skills to problems of your own devising. To that effect, instead of additional exercises, what follows are some broad themes and areas of activity that might spark an interest for you.  By all means feel free to take these as a jumping-off point to start your own Python projects, or indeed develop your own ideas and run with those. Either way, in order to build on your skills further, you're now at a stage where what you need to do is build your own projects and tools  –  have at it!