Cooper: Integrating Counselling & Psychotherapy

Here you’ll find a range of helpful resources to support your learning, and help strengthen your understanding of key topics from the book. Click the links to download.

1.1 Golden and Platinum Rules 

An outline of the Golden and Platinum rules of how we should treat others.

1.2 Socialist Humanism 

Mick Cooper outlines his vision of what a person-centred-informed politics might look like.

1.3 PCA Developmental Theory 

This paper revises the question of how we can understand the process of human development from a person-centred perspective 

1.4 A Hierarchy of Wants 

In this monograph, Cooper develops an integrated framework for understanding, and facilitating, psychological and social wellbeing. 

1.5 Glossary 

This glossary focuses on terms that are not typically covered in the counselling and psychotherapy literature, particularly those associated with motivational theory.

2.1 Directional Orientation of Interpersonal Perceptions 

An insight into the directional understanding of human behaviour. 

2.2 Increasing Socialisations of Directions 

Mick Cooper discusses the potential influence of social media on our directions.

3.1 Table of Directional Phases 

This table summarises how six key models conceptualise the directional process.

3.2 Directional Constructs 

This resource defines and describes the key directional constructs.

3.3 Moderators of the helpfulness of feedback 

Here, the impact of positive and negative feedback on progress towards a goal is discussed.

4.1 The Directional Role of Emotions 

This piece outlines the role of emotions in the actualisation, or non-actualisation, of our directions.

4.2 Directionality and Flow 

This outlines key research on the connection between directionality and flow.

5.1 Goal Taxonomies 

A discussion relating to the different taxonomies of goals in adult psychological literature. 

5.2 Promotion and Prevention Focus 

Mick Cooper discusses key perspectives of promotion-prevention focus in relation to goals.

6.1 Are Our Highest Order Directions Given 

This resource explores philosophical ideas and research about our highest-order wants.

7.1 Ego Depletion

This resource discusses our finite source of mental energy.

8.1 Classic Conflicts 

Mick Cooper outlines the key ‘typical conflicts’ highlighted in therapeutic literature.

11.1 Life Scripts 

Here, the Transactional Analysis concept of Life scripts is defined and outlined.

15.1 The Plan Formulation Method 

This looks at Silberschatz & Curtis’ plan formulation method and how it can be adapted for therapeutic practice.

15.2 Why Therapies Fail 

Mick Cooper looks at the research on the barriers to successful therapy.

16.1 Are Interpersonal Dysergies Inevitable 

This explores the research around interpersonal dysergies and considers whether they are an inevitable part of life.

17.1 Socialist Humanism 

This resources looks at the research around socialist humanism and what a progressive political agenda means 

17.2 Is There a Natural Tendency to Synergies 

Mick Cooper outlines the research regarding the synergism hypothesis