Simmons & Griffiths: CBT for Beginners, 3e

Here you'll find exercises to aid learning and resources to support and enhance your professional practice.  

Referral Criteria Handout
A list of pointers to look out for in a general assessment to see if referring the client for a CBT evaluation would be relevant, alongside sample questions to ask a client before making a referral for CBT assessment

Chapter 3 Exercise
A list of thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviours to be used in an exercise designed to help clients recognise negative automatic thoughts (NATs)

Formulation Sheet and Maintenance Cycle
Tables to help clients recognise situations that affect them negatively and the cycle of thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise in such situations

Physical Effects of Anxiety and How to Manage Them
Description of anxiety, and exercises to help control it

Graded Practice Diary
A diary to note personal goals and rate anxiety levels before and after completing goal

Detailed Activity Record Sheet
Activity sheet to record and score a client’s activities

Basic Activity Schedule
Schedule to record and comment on basic daily activities

Thought Record Sheets
Record sheet to record, analyse and rate situations

Questions to Help Identify Negative Automatic Thoughts
Questions to help client identify negative thoughts

Thinking Biases
Identifying and clarifying unhelpful methods of thinking

Thinking Biases Exercise
An exercise to help a client recognise thinking biases.

Thought Evaluation Sheets
Tables to help clients recognise NATs and thinking biases

Questions to Ask When Evaluating NATs
Questions for clients to use to evaluate NATs

Responsibility Chart
Exercise for working with problems of exaggerated responsibility

Decisional Bias Sheet
Table to analyse pros and cons of decisions

Dealing with Setbacks during the Recovery Process
Tips and advice on dealing with setbacks

Relapse Prevention Sheet
Questions for clients to use in self-reflection

Ending Letters
Letter templates for therapists to give to clients at the end of therapy

BABCP supervision agreement
An agreement regarding therapeutic methods and conduct within CBT assessment sessions