Further Reading

Chapter 16: Working with interview data

This chapter gives you a comparative overview of analytic methods in qualitative research by presenting methods in more detail.

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Chapter 17: Credibility and transparency: Quality and writing in interview research

In this article, the concept of trustworthiness from administration research is linked to the other concepts discussed in this chapter.

Pratt, M. G., Kaplan, S., & Whittington, R. (2020). Editorial Essay: The Tumult over Transparency: Decoupling Transparency from Replication in Establishing Trustworthy Qualitative Research. Administrative Science Quarterly, 65(1), 1–19.

Chapter 18: From interviewing to an inner view: Critiques and reflexivity

This article gives a reasonable overview of the debate and outlines ways for how to move on.

Hammersley M. (2017). Interview Data: A Qualified Defence Against the Radical Critique. Qualitative Research, 17(2), 173–86.