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This site is intended to enhance your use of Criminal Courts, Third Edition, by Craig Hemmens, David C. Brody, and Cassia Spohn. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing your understanding of the material. 

Written by three nationally recognized experts in the field, Criminal Courts: A Contemporary Perspective explores all conventional topics (court structure, courtroom actors, and the trial and appeals process) as well as others seldom covered, such as specialty courts and the goals and functions of the law. This comprehensive and accessible approach allows instructors to cover all the “standard” material and offers the option to add selections they consider interesting and relevant to their particular course. This text will provide students with an understanding of the foundational concepts and enable them to hold a detailed discussion about the criminal courts system and the participants involved.

Packed with contemporary examples and new pedagogical tools, the Third Edition has been thoroughly revised with the most up-to-date content and resources to give students a more comprehensive understanding of the criminal courts system.


We gratefully acknowledge Craig Hemmens, David C. Brody, and Cassia Spohn for writing an excellent text and for reviewing the assets on this site. Special thanks are also due to Valarie Bell for creating the ancillaries on this site.