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Journal Article 1: Beneito-Montagut, R., Begueria, A., & Cassián, N. (2017). Doing digital team ethnography: Being there together and digital social data. Qualitative Research, 6, 664–682.

As mentioned in Ch. 5 of the textbook, new technologies and digital data are changing the way qualitative data is collected, coded, and measured. This article reviews how collaborative and interdisciplinary ethnographic research is sustained and enhanced by digital tools, creating a live source of data that can be analyzed within the framework of ethnography, a qualitative research method. The paper describes a two-year online and offline ethnographic project on social media use in later life to offer insights about the ways in which ethnographic research can utilize big social data.

Journal Article 2: Pidgeon, M. (2018). Moving between theory and practice within an Indigenous research paradigm. Qualitative Research, 1, 1–19.

This article describes the Indigenous Research Paradigm (IRP), a framework for conducting research with indigenous populations. Research with indigenous populations was mentioned several times in Ch. 5, as it is a unique opportunity to qualitative research approaches. This article explains the IRP and provides two examples in which it used. The studies described contain mixed methods for data collection including performance measures as well as interviews and sharing circles.

Journal Article 3: Thomas, D. R. (2006). General inductive approach for analyzing qualitative evaluation data. American Journal of Evaluation, 27, 237–246.

This seminal article describes a general inductive approach for evaluation of qualitative data. This approach is intended to provide an easy to use and systematic set of procedures for analyzing qualitative data to produce reliable and valid findings.