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Journal Article 9.1 Yakushko, O. (2009). Xenophobia: Understanding the Roots and Consequences of Negative Attitudes Toward Immigrants. The Counseling Psychologist, 37(1), 36–66. doi:10.1177/0011000008316034

Summary: This article explores sociological, social psychological, and multicultural research to examine the causes of negative attitudes toward immigrants. It provides an introduction for counseling psychologists and others involved in the mental health field to xenophobia as a socially observable phenomenon.

Journal Article 9.2 Hargons, C., Lantz, M., Marks, L. R., & Voelkel, E. (2017). Becoming a Bridge: Collaborative Autoethnography of Four Female Counseling Psychology Student Leaders. The Counseling Psychologist, 45(7), 1017–1047. doi:10.1177/0011000017729886

Summary: This collaborative autoethnography qualitatively explored the leadership narratives of four diverse female counseling psychology students. From the thematic analysis, three themes were identified: the Leadership Attributes, the Availability of Opportunities and the Receipt of Mentoring. The author also examine barriers faced by marginalized individuals in their pursuit of leadership.