The ‘Rich Context’ competition

The Rich Context Project

The Rich Context project, part of the Coleridge Initiative at New York University, aims to create a new platform that enables empirical analysts to search for and discover datasets.

The challenge that empirical researchers face is that, for a given dataset, it is difficult to find out who has worked with the data before, what methods and code were used, and what results were produced. However, we now have the scientific capacity to build a platform that will automate search and discovery.

The Rich Context Competition

A ‘Rich Context’ competition run by the Coleridge Initiative brought computer scientists from around the globe together to develop models that would identify and extract dataset mentions from full-text social science publications.

The finalists convened in New York City in February 2019 to present their work. A follow-on workshop brought together more than 70 international experts to identify gaps and an operational roadmap.

The edited collection Rich Search and Discovery for Research Datasets: Building the Next Generation of Scholarly Infrastructure provides an overview of initial work done by finalists in the competition.

Find out more on the Coleridge Initiative website.