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‘How to …’ guides have been specifically designed to help aide your understanding.

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Use ecomaps

An ecomap (or ecological map) is a graphic representation of an individual’s support network. Understanding a service user’s support network can be an important aspect of your work as you try to assess and differentiate between people who represent challenges or risk, and those who offer support and protection from risks.

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Use genograms

The use of genograms (or family trees) is commonplace in some areas of social work practice (for instance, in fostering and adopter assessments) and their use is becoming increasingly visible in other areas (such as social work with older people).

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One-page profiles

A 'one-page profile' is a profile of a person which captures some basic but important information about a person. A one-page profile is positively focused and centres on the person's core qualities.

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Work with interpreters

In an increasingly multicultural society, in some social work contexts, it may be necessary to work alongside interpreters in order to ensure that communication is effectively received and conveyed. In addition, sourcing and working with interpreters reflects a value position which respects diversity and the first language skills of the service user(s).

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