Classroom Behaviour

A Practical Guide to Effective Teaching, Behaviour Management and Colleague Support


Welcome to the companion website for the fourth edition of Classroom Behaviour by Bill Rogers.                                          

Here you’ll find additional resources to help you better manage classroom behaviour. You’ll also be able to hear from Bill himself as he talks you through common behaviour management scenarios.


For lecturers:


For students:

  • Videos of classroom scenarios where you’ll see Bill in action
  • Podcasts of Bill discussing common behaviour scenarios and answer teachers most frequently asked questions
  • Tools to use in with your students and in your classroom
  • Further reading that provides extra information on key topics.
  • Pinterest page with lots of helpful educational resources


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About the fourth edition

This exciting new edition of the best-selling and beloved teacher's companion looks at the everyday behaviour issues facing teachers working in today's classrooms. Describing real situations and dilemmas, Bill Rogers provides theoretically sound strategies and best practices to support you in meeting the challenges of the job, as well as building up a rapport with both students and colleagues to enable positive and productive learning environments. 

Written jargon-free in Bill's accessible and empathetic voice it includes in-depth strategies, practical examples, case studies and pragmatic hints and tips to put in to practice. This will make for informative and inspiring reading to all those involved in educating our children and young people. 

Bill Rogers is an independent education consultant based in Australia.



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