SAGE Journal Articles

Robertson, L. H. & Hill, D. (2014). Policy and ideologies in schooling and early years education in England: Implications for and impacts on leadership, management and equality. Management in Education, 28(4), 167–174.

This article examines the concept of ‘ideology’ and how different ideological positions may respond to social inequality, before looking at the ideologies underpinning recent early years policy in England.

Ivinson, G., Thompson, I., Beckett, L., Egan, D., Leitch, R. & McKinney, S. (2018). Learning the price of poverty across the UK. Policy Futures in Education, 16(2), 130–143.

This article looks at the impact that education policy has had on young people in poverty across the UK, and how that experience can differ in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.