Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide

Welcome to the companion website for the second edition of Grounded Theory by Melanie Birks and Jane Mills. This website offers a range of teaching and learning resources, including:

For lecturers:

  • PowerPoint slides accompanying each chapter

For students:

  • Additional windows into grounded theory
  • Definitions and ‘mix and match’ activities: test your knowledge of key glossary terms
  • Planning checklist to help you plan your grounded theory study
  • Thesis/dissertation checklist to help you step-by-step in your writing
  • Word search puzzle to help you revise important terms
  • Free access to selected SAGE Journal articles
  • Videos on conducting grounded theory research
  • Web and YouTube links to help you explore further

About the second edition

‘This updated new edition contains detailed guidance on all aspects of conducting a grounded theory study, from planning a study and ensuring its quality, to the presentation of results. The authors are experienced researchers who are skilled in conducting grounded theory studies, ensuring that the advice is both practical and relevant.’

Janet Anderson, Senior Lecturer, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, King's College London

‘Birks and Mills present a thorough introduction to the key writers and principles of grounded theory. Their survey provides readers with the fundamental concepts for designing and implementing one of the most utilized methodologies of qualitative inquiry. This is a useful text for researchers interested in not just the basics but the nuances of grounded theory processes.’

Johnny Saldaña, Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University

This highly practical book introduces the reader to the fundamental concepts of grounded theory, providing a comprehensive description of the strategies and techniques employed in this methodology. Unlike most existing books in this area, it is not written from a particular philosophical standpoint, and is the ideal first introduction for any student or researcher looking to use grounded theory for the first time.

Birks and Mills’ highly-readable text is driven by practical case examples to help the reader get to grips with the process of doing grounded theory for themselves. This is an ideal starter text for those new to the approach.

This updated second edition:

  • guides the reader through each stage of the grounded theory process
  • explains how to memo effectively, using examples
  • includes a chapter that explores the difference between data generation and collection
  • demystifies the process of data analysis through initial, intermediate and advanced coding
  • philosophically positions grounded theory within the qualitative paradigm.


Melanie Birks is Professor at the College of Healthcare Sciences, James Cook University.

Jane Mills is Professor at the College of Healthcare Sciences, James Cook University.


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