SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Thomspon, K., (2007). A corporate training view of ethics education: An interview with Dov L. Seidman, CEO of LRN. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 13(3) 79-91.

Questions to consider:

  1. What was Mr. Seidman’s view of ethics training?
  2. Why does he feel that the history of ethical thought isn’t helpful?
  3. Do you believe, as Mr. Seidman states, that the global economy can make organizations amoral?
  4. Explain how shifting from a program approach of ethics training to a cultural approach to ethical behavior would work in your institution, school, organization, etc.

Article 2: Lee, P., Gillespie, N., Mann, L., & Wearing, A., (2010). Leadership and trust: Their effect on knowledge sharing and team performance. Management Learning, 41(4), 473-491

Questions to consider:

  1. Do team leaders who are trusted by the team positively influence the team? How?
  2. What types of activities can increase trust in the leader?
  3. Is knowledge sharing in organizations important? If so, how can trust positively influence knowledge sharing (according to this article)?
  4. What did the results of this study find? How can these results be applied?