SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Ogunfowora, B. (2014). It’s all a matter of consensus: Leader role modeling strength as a moderator of the links between ethical leadership and employee outcomes. Human Relations. 67(12) 1467-1490.

Questions to consider:

  1. How does ethical leadership role modeling impact employees ethical decision making?
  2. Explain social learning theory and how it applies to ethical leadership in the workplace.
  3. According to this article, how are leader role modeling related to employee outcomes/
  4. What can you learn from this article and apply to your current position?

Article 2: Liu, L., Friedman, R., Barry, B., Gelfand, M., & Zhang, Z., (2012). The dynamics of consensus  building in intracultural and intercultural negotiations. Administrative Science Quarterly. 57(2), 269-304.

Questions to consider:

  1. Describe the authors use of mental models in relation to cross culture negotiations?
  2. How do intra cultural negotiations differ from same culture negotiations?
  3. Discuss the need for closure as discussed in the article.
  4. Which findings were most surprising to you? Why?