Case study 4

Social media polls and surveys

This case study will guide you to scrutinise an online poll or survey, using several steps and prompts we have explored within the book.

A: Carry out a search on your preferred web browser, for the following: Social media polls and surveys examples. You can select either an example of a poll, or webpage giving advice and tips as to why a social media poll is useful. is a good example.

B: Take a browse of several of the webpages within your selected example. Make comments on the layout, is it easy to read? How well written is the content? Are the webpages easy to navigate?

C: Begin to scrutinise the webpages further, comment on the presentation of data, are the data displays appropriate? Is it clear who the authors are of the webpages?

D: Do the authors appear to have an agenda behind why they created the associated webpages? Are their motivations related to making a profit? Is there anything for sale on the webpages you are navigating?

E: Did you learn anything new after navigating through the associated webpages? Are there any features that the example you have chosen do well?