Exercise 2

Mapping to your degree

If you haven’t done so already, check out Exercise 1, and answer the following questions related to this chapter:

A: Read over all the degree fields in the exercise, paying attention to the statistics integration column. Is there anything that surprises you? Any areas that stand out as being interesting or unexpected.

B: You may be at a point where you are deciding what degree to do, or potentially considering a change of degree pathway. You may also be considering what options you would like to take that are available to you as part of your degree. Think about whether the quantity of statistics within your degree area, or option modules, is a deciding factor for you. Would you like to do more or less? Hopefully the answer is more!

C: If you are currently on a degree pathway and have encountered some form of statistics and statistical literacy techniques on your educational journey, what advice would you give someone thinking about studying the degree you have chosen?

D: Have the statistical techniques you may have already used in your studies at university, and indeed from school, helped you to understand your subjects better? In what ways do you think they may have helped you grasp key concepts in some of your favourite subjects?