Chapter 1

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Web Resources

  • ABCD Training Group— This website provides information on training in the principles, concepts, and application of asset-based community development.
  • Asset Building Community Development Institute— This pro­gram at Northwestern University provides resources, publications, and training on capacity-building approaches to community development.
  • Comm-Org: The On-line Conference on Community Organizing and Development— This site has a wealth of information on references, data, syllabi, and other resources on community organizing and development.
  • Community Development Society— The international Community Development Society is a professional association of community development practitioners. The society rep­resents a variety of fields, including health care, social services, economic development, and education.
  • Community Wealth— This website is a project of the Democratic Collective. It consolidates information on a variety of issues related to community wealth.
  • Ford Foundation Asset Building and Community Development Program—
  • International Association for Community Development— This organiza­tion aims to develop a global network of practitioners involved in community development. On the website, there are several publications and case studies of asset-based development.
  • International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)— This organization is a leader in promoting public participation. It provides training, education, and research on public participation.
  • LISC Institute for Comprehensive Community Development— This organization provides training and information on conducting comprehensive com­munity development in neighborhoods.
  • Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institute— The Brookings Institute supports research on a broad range of urban policy issues.
  • NeighborWorks— This nonprofit organization provides financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based revitalization efforts.
  • Search Institute— This nonprofit organization focuses on asset building, with a focus on youth and communities. The institute provides several tools for asset building and has a wonderful set of case studies.
  • Urban Institute— This organization conducts cutting-edge research on urban development issues in the United States.