Chapter 5

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Web Resources

  • Accion International— This NGO provides small loans and training to poor people who start their own businesses, so they can work their own way out of poverty. It has loaned $2.2 billion to more than 1.6 million poor business owners and has had 98% of its loans paid back.
  • ActionAid— This organization aims to work with poor and marginalized people to eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that cause it. It has helped about one million people in Africa get better access to health services.
  • Bridgespan Group— This website provides strategies for building orga­nizations and promoting social change.
  • CARE International— This private international relief and development agency focuses on improving the lives of people in more than 60 countries by working at the family and community levels on food, health care, shelter, education, and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships— This website is a good portal for basic information on resources and technical assistance that is provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Faith Based and Community Initiatives— This website provides basic information and resources on faith based and community initiatives.
  • Independent Sector— A good general website on improving the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.
  • National Congress for Community Economic Development (NCCED)— The NCCED is the trade association of and advocate for the community-based development industry. The organization represents more than 3,600 CDCs. The NCCED serves the community development industry through public policy research and education, special projects, newsletters, publications, train­ing, conferences, and specialized technical assistance.
  • Neighborhoods Online— This website is an online resource center for people working to build strong communities through the United States. It provides information and ideas covering all aspects of neighborhood revitalization.
  • Pratt Center for Community Development— This website includes 15 profiles of CDCs written for the CED Oral History Project.
  • Rural Local Initiatives Support Corporation— This organization helps build the capacity of resident-led rural CDCs, increase their production and impact, demonstrate the value of investing in and through rural CDCs, and make the resource and policy environment more supportive of rural CDCs and their work. This organization provides training and technical and financial assistance to 70 CDCs and provides information to more than 1,300 rural CDCs.
  • Society for Nonprofit Organizations— Provides resources for building non­profit organizations. cutting-edge research on urban development issues in the United States.