Podcasts and podcast slides

Podcasts from the author along with supporting slides give deeper insight into select topics discussed in the book. Click on the link below to access the slides and podcasts. 

Alignment podcast: 

Alignment slides

Data analysis podcast

Data analysis slides

Elicitation podcast

Elicitation slides

Enacted data podcast

Enacted data slides

Ethics and Consent podcast

Ethics and Consent slides

Extant data podcast

Extant data slides

ICTs as Medium, Setting or Phenomenon podcast

ICTs as Medium, Setting or Phenomenon slides

Intro to Framework podcast

Intro to Framework slides

Preparing to Collect Data podcast

Preparing to Collect Data slides

Reasoning and Data Analysis podcast

Reasoning and Data slides

Recruiting and Informing Online Participants podcast

Recruiting and Informing slides

Reporting podcast

Reporting slides

Units of Analysis podcast

Unit of Analysis slides

Visual Enacted Methods podcast

Visual Enacted Methods slides