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The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance
Watch as Shawn Achor discusses the role of positivity leading to optimism, energy-level increases, creativity, and more. With a focus on positivity, think about specific self-leadership skills/strategies that can be used to help lead to more positive thoughts—including manners in which brains can be trained to be more positive. Focus on how this chapter discusses the role of self-leadership in optimism, reducing stress, increasing happiness, and how these map onto what is discussed in the speech. (12:29)

Winning the Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity
Watch as Ogie Shaw speaks a local TedTalk on the mental aspects and motivation for battling physical fitness and obesity. In particular, pay attention to how Mr. Shaw discusses why there are such struggles for individuals to engage in physical fitness. Think about self-leadership skills that can be used to help individuals address these problems in physical fitness. (18:31)