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  1. 21 Podcasts All Feminists Should Listen To (Bitch Media, June 2017) Evette Dionne compiles a list of 21 podcasts that are worth investing in, especially if you’re a feminist.


  1. Scarlett Johansson Faces Backlash Over Film Role as Transgender Man (NPR, July 2018) The actress has received backlash for being cast as a transgender man in the upcoming film Rub and Tug. NPR’s Ailsa Chang talks to Evan Urquhart of Slate about the controversy.


  1. Meet the Black & Queer Singer-Songwriter Toppling Constructs of Power & Perception in South Africa (okayafrica, July 2016) Cape Town singer-songwriter OBie Mavuso describes her new EP, ‘Cosmic Fire, and the impact of putting out music as a black, queer artist in a predominantly heterosexual, cisgender and masculine scene.

  2. ‘Pose’ Writer Janet Mock on Making History with Trans Storytelling (Variety, May 2018) Janet Mock describes how she came to be involved with the new TV series Pose, and talks about the importance of trans representation in the media.

  3. 8 Exciting Trans and Gender Nonconforming Filmmakers Shaking Up Hollywood (IndieWire, July 2017) IndieWire profiles the vibrant community and transformative work of transgender filmmakers on the rise.

  4. Outfest 2018 to Feature Record Number of Female, Trans and Directors of Color (Variety, July 2018) The 2018 Outfest Film Festival, the largest LGBTQ film festival in Los Angeles, features its most inclusive lineup of filmmakers in 2018, with narrative and documentary features that reflect a growing sense of activism in the Trump era.

  5. Moonlight Portrays Black Gay Life in Its Joy, Sadness and Complexity (The Guardian, October 2016) Steven W. Thrasher documents how, at a time when gay culture is overwhelmingly represented by whiteness in the media, filmmaker Barry Jenkins was able to successfully explore the experience of queer black men and the challenges they face.

  6. Gay, Black and Revolutionary: The Importance of ‘Moonlight’ (Point Foundation, April 2017) Melanie Camejo Coffigny reflects on the ways in which the film Moonlight tells the Black gay storyline sincerely in its grand, intimate moments, as well as its twisted, melancholic ones.

  7. On Janelle Monae and the Power of Representation for Queer Black Girls (Allure, June 2018) Cameron Glover reflects on both the personal and political importance of having public imagery and representation of Queer Black Femmes.

  8. Queer Eye season 2 Celebrates Trans Man in Show First (Independent, June 2018) This article discusses a groundbreaking episode of Season 2 of Queer Eye, which centers a trans person in a positive and beautiful way.

  9. Why Pose Is the Best Representation of Black Gay Love Since Moonlight (Them, July 2018) This article examines how Pose shows the evolution of a beautiful relationship between two complex Black men, and why this is important for mainstream television.