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  1. The Laws That Sex Workers Really Want (TED Talk, January 2016) Everyone has an opinion about how to legislate sex work (whether to legalize it, ban it or even tax it) ... but what do workers themselves think would work best? Activist Juno Mac explains four legal models that are being used around the world and shows us the model that she believes will work best to keep sex workers safe and offer greater self-determination. “If you care about gender equality or poverty or migration or public health, then sex worker rights matter to you,” she says. “Make space for us in your movements.”

  2. Race, Incarceration, and the New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander, March 2013) This video discusses legal scholar Michelle Alexander’s breakthrough book about mass incarceration in America.


  1. Carrying Guns, Contesting Gender (Contexts, February 2015) In this article, Jennifer Dawn Carlson discusses her experiences with carrying a concealed weapon and the gendered spaces of handguns, which predominately are held by men.


  1. Don’t Blame Mental Illness for Mass Shootings; Blame Men (Politico, January 2018) This writer argues that in order to cut down on gun violence in the United States, we need to first look at toxic masculinity and its relationship to violence.

  2. We Need To Talk About How Toxic Masculinity Is Killing America (Refinery29, February 2018) Since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, 138 people have been killed in school shootings in America. This article explores how mental illness is often framed as the sole motive for mass shootings; how this stigmatizes the large majority of people who are mentally ill and are not violent; and how it leaves unexamined the role that toxic masculinity plays in these shootings.

  3. The Definition, Danger and Disease of Respectability Politics, Explained (The Root, March 2016) Damon Young uses humor and candid examples to explain respectability politics—the history of the term, what it implies, and how it impacts anyone outside of the white, straight, male role.

  4. What Is Gender X? New Identity Is Accepted in These States, and Washington and Vermont Could Be Next (Newsweek, January 2018) Vermont and Washington are pushing forward with 2018 initiatives to allow “Gender X” on state and identification documents, joining a small set of states embracing non-binary options for residents.

  5. When Asked Their Sex, Some Are Going with Option ‘X’ (USA Today, June 2017) This article explores how state governments are moving to recognize that gender, for many people, is not easily defined as either male or female, and giving residents the option of a third gender identifier.

  6. Female, Male, or X? Canada Becomes the Tenth Country to Introduce Gender Neutral Passports (Positive News, September 2017) This article discusses the latest country to recognize a third gender or non-binary option on government papers, joining nine other countries in providing a gender neutral option on passports.