Video and Multimedia

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  1. WTF Is Intersectional Feminism??? (YouTube, August 2015) Franchesca Ramsey from MTV Decoded joins Braless to break down exactly what intersectional feminism is: looking at how oppression and privilege works every level, and how we can’t pay attention to one group of people over another.


  1. The Whorecast Podcast In this podcast, sex worker Siouxsie Q shares and uplifts the stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.


  1. The Converging Gender Wage Gap: 1980–2012 (Contexts, May 2016) In this article, sociologist Craig Upright discusses the convergence of the gender wage gap.

  2. What We Owe to the Hidden, Groundbreaking Activism of Sex Workers (Broadly, March 2017) This article examines how without sex workers, the current activist landscape would look dramatically different—and yet their contributions to social justice movements are rarely acknowledged in history books.

  3. The Senate Just Passed a Bill That Puts Sex Workers in Danger (Motherboard, March 2018) This article unpacks the ways in which the SESTA/FOSTA bills, rather than protecting victims of sex trafficking, actually put both sex workers and victims of sex trafficking further at risk due to censorship.

  4. Five Work–Family Policies That Should Be a No-Brainer (The Society Pages, December 2015) Sociologist Mindy Fried highlights five work–family policies that should be implemented in the United States.

  5. Intersectional Feminism: 5 Ways Class Changes Your Experience of Womanhood (West Indian Critic, July 2018) This writer unpacks how socioeconomic class impact every aspect of life in the Caribbean—and how feminism must integrate an analysis of class to truly be effective.