Audio Interviews

Click the play button below to listen to key figures in the world of sexuality. Each interview provides perspectives from people who have acquired either comprehensive or uniquely specialized knowledge about sexual behavior.

Dr. David Buss

David M. Buss (1953–) is among the most prominent researchers in evolutionary psychology. Indeed, many consider him one of the founders of modern evolutionary psychology. His work on evolution of sexuality and aggression has been very influential. He has researched topics such as as mating behavior, mate selection, infidelity, jealousy, sexual aggression and homicide. Dr. Buss is also well known for studying gender differences and the cultural aspects of mating. He is a professor of psychology, and currently teaches at University of Texas. Austin. Dr. Buss is a prolific author of academic publications and books, including Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind, The Evolution of Desire, The Dangerous Passion, and The Murderer Next Door.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Sexual strategies theory is focused on understanding the motivation for various human sexual behaviors. Why is it so important to understand these motives?
  2. Why is jealousy interpreted as a signal of love?
  3. Why are men more easily conditioned and generally more reactive to sexual stimuli?